Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featherstone Farm Cookbook

We used our Featherstone cookbook to find recipes to use up our Featherstone veggies!  Yeah winter CSA share.

Our new veggie for 2010 - tatsoi.  It's a green and we loved it stir-fried with some onion, a bit of broccoli (for crunch), sesame oil, and soy sauce, & topped with toasted sesame seeds.  The nuts are something we've started to add to our veggie sides thanks to Meryl and Casey.

In addition to the tatsoi, we made rosemary lamb chops under the broiler.  Both turned out pretty good and it was a super-fast dinner.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Squash Galore

Lane and I went to the Kingfield Farmer's Market on Sunday and took back the last of the boxes to Tiny Planet.  Andrea and Ben sent us home with a red kuri squash and then another 10+ lb bag of various squash for hosting the drop site. 

Needless to say, we're set on the squash front for some time now.   :)

Things still from the CSA:  (amazingly) spinach, potatoes, & a carnival squash

Thursday, October 14, 2010


We still have quite a bit of CSA foodstuffs, but surprisingly 90% of our dinner tonight was from the garden - picked fresh!!!

Unlike Emily, we don't care for the turnips.  I'm sure ours will stay in the fridge until they shrivel into tiny balls.  Or we say fuck it and blend them in small portions with potatoes again (they were tolerable that way).

We made a frittata tonight, our first ever.  I told Lane we might be making more of them since it doesn't require the crust and therefore a bit healthier for us, and faster. 
  • duck eggs from the co-op
  • taters from the CSA
  • swiss chard, kale, leeks, garlic, and red peppers from our garden
  • CSA provolone to top it off
Recipe we loosely based ours off of.  Timing was a lot shorter on the stove, but the oven time was pretty spot on.  It was so pretty (rainbow brite-like) on the stove:

Not gone yet...

This week I still used potatoes and turnips and onions from the box. Have both turnips and onions left as well. It's been so convenient these last few months to just open the crisper to find veggies for dinner. Last night, it went like this:

Pat: What's our vegetable tonight?
Me: What's in the drawer?
Pat: Turnips, broccoli (from the FM), one leek (also from FM)
Me: Well, we had broccoli last night...
Pat: Turnips? [sigh]
Me: The sooner we eat them, the sooner they'll be gone.
Pat: Okay...

He is not overly fond of them (I like them just fine), but he'll eat almost anything I cook for him. Last night, I sliced them thin, boiled them long enough to soften without mushing, and served with butter and shallot salt (my new spice from Penzey's, which I am putting on everything). We also had pork chops and brown rice. Yums.

Also, for the record, I'm pretty sure I have decided to not join the CSA for next year. Despite my happiness with it this year and the fact that I now have a chest freezer, I think it will just be overwhelming. I see myself going to the market, with my baby strapped on my person, and only buying the things I want to cook and know how to cook. I don't want to feel the guilt I felt this year, composting maybe 20% of my produce. Yes, that's a high estimation, but there were weeks when it had to come close. It was a great experience, and I'm sure I'll do it again someday. Just not when I have a newborn :-).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dinner, Fall Style

(Excuse our super-dark dining room)
Cider roasted chicken, mashed cauliflower, and bread.  Apple pie for dessert.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Last CSA Box Dwindles...

Savory Pancakes: vegan chipotle sausage, purple onion*, garden jalapeƱo (we had okonomiyaki sauce with these, but I didn't think it was the best fit)

Greens: swiss chard*, garden kale, gomasio

Turnips: roasted in peanut oil and salt

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is this our last week for the CSA boxes?

I can't remember, and can't seem to find the info...